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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 22, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news live from berlin. ththree leaders return to the symbolic workplace of european unity as they seek a new direction. they meet on the small italian island where the first manifesto for a european union was drawn up. those that inspire them as they work toward a future without britain. and one year on. more than one million migrants
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thought refuge in germany over the past year. how are they faring? are they still being welcomed? ♪ i'm terry martin. welcome. the leaders of italy, germany, france have been meeting to seek in your direction for the eu, discussing ways of promoting jobs. the meeting was heavy with symbolism that started on the small italian island considered one of the birthplaces of european unity. >> a former prison island, now the backdrop for high-level talks highlighting where the european union heads next. in the 1940's, and italian antifascist intellectual imprisoned here first envisioned
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a united europe and monday, italian prime minister matteo renzi hosted angela merkel and france while aland -- francois aland. the ship serves as the flagship for the eu's migrant rescue operation in the mediterranean. a key issue in europe's drive to ensure security, says chancellor merkel, but more must be done. >> it's also conducting training on how we can protect our borders, which is one of our main challenges in ensuring freedom of movement inside the eu. >> president hollande discussed security against terrorism. >> the main risk for europe as well as other nations is a dislocation, fragmentation, egoism folding in on ourselves.
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all three leaders face declining poll numbers and political pushback frorom rising far r rit parties. ramsey kicked the talks off with a visit toward -- at the tomb of all terrio spinelli, he cowrote a manifesto calling for a federation of european states. 80 years later, the european union is a reality but faces greater challenges than any time in its history. terry: max hoffman is in italy following this story for us. a lot of symbolism in this meeting today. was that its primary significance, three leaders of european union member states trying to show unity? >> the economic
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situation in his country and youth unemployment throughout the european union. the german chancellor touched upon basically every topic in the news regarding the european union at the moment but you could tell the one topic they can all agree on is security. that is something that is also very popular in the different countries of the european union. it will be more interesting to see what they do about problems like youth unemployment in the economic situation because that is something where they don't all agree. terry: where does it go from here with pushing the eu forward and what role will chancellor
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merkel play in that? what is her mission? >> let me take that step by step. there will be a lot of meetings like we have seen today, maybe not as symbolic. for example, the german chancellor will meet with 11 leaders this week alone and another eu summit in bratislava in september is supposed to be vevery imporortant. this is a process that is susupposed to end next march. that is when the treaties of rome have their 60th anniversary. the treaty being an important founding act for the european community. that is when they want to present their strategy, how to win back the hearts and minds of people in europe and tell them what they actually want to do. the role of chancellor merkel is pivotal. this journey is still by far the most powerful economy in the european union's the most important country in that
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regard. she has lost an ally that was always more or less on the side of germany. now you have francois hollande more to the left. there will be some kind of fight behind closed doors how to approach the economic problems but chancellor merkel does not want this fight to break out openly. she will have to broker a deal she will also have to sell it home because people in germany are still of the opinion that countries like italy and france should get their economic house in order by themselves without help from brussels and germany. terry: thank you so much for now. next hoffman in italy. one of the issues discussed at that summit was the refugee crisis. a year ago, chancellor merkel told germans we can do this in an effort to reassure germany
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could cope with the arrival of more than one million refugees. this week, dw will look at how germany and the migrants are coping, what impact are they having, are they contributing to society or a drain on resources? let's take a look at the results of a survey. over the past 1.5 year, over 1.6 immigrant -- million immigrants have come to germany. many germans think their presence will change the country a lot. when faced with the statement that germany's education and welfare systems are becoming overburdened, 51% of those surveyed said they agreed. 45% disagreed. germany's economy is being given a boost by migrant workers. 51% agreed with that statement, 45% disagreed. last month, to refugees were found to be responsible for
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terrorist attacks in bavaria. 58% of those asked think there will be more terror attacks in germany while 38% disagreed. "i think it's good that germany is becoming more colorful and diverse through immigration." 56% agreed with that statement. in majority of germans want the country to remain multicultural despite the challenges that come with the influx of refugees. terry: for many refugees who made it to germany, the first feeling was perhaps one of relief but making the transition to life here in building a future can be difficult. most came from syria and for them, the last year has been one of hardship and slow progress toward a more stable life. >> this is the day they have
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been waiting for. it is just before 7:00 a.m. they have a legal hearing at the migration office will determine their teacher and whether they can remain in germany or not. their children have been attending a german school for six months. fortunately for them, they are not finding it too difficult to learn a new language. >> at first, it was hard>>. then it was a bit easier. then it was very easy. then i learned how to read. now i i have read two pages. >> they were on the move for months. now they are living in a flatly available to them by a berlin couple. they can finally live a normal family life again. >> it really makes me happy. when i looked at them, i can't speak like them. >> they were but you take regular german classes but that's not an option until they
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know they can stay here. if they can't, they will be eligible for an immigration course. she loves going to school in berlin but memories of syria are very present for her. >> this is the ambulance. here is the man. he is loading the dead into the ambulance. my mother's brother died too. that is why this makes me very sad. >> it is too much for syria. [crying] four syrian people, it is really too much. >> reception center in northwest germany was that the overcrowded
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year ago. the family had to sleep in the corridor for days and then were offered the apartment where they now live in berlin. one saturday a month, volunteers gather at this community center around the corner. they're part of a network that helps refugees dealing with administrative or health issues, including visits to a doctor. >> it is important for me and all refugees to know some people to help them, to know some people to show them this country, this city. >> now it is the day of the all important hearing. an interpreter and administrator some of them to a one-on-one interview that last two hours. this is the basis for deciding whether he will receive permission to remain in germany. >> can't go to work, go to court, rent the house.
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everything is set for this date. >> they will be notified of the decision in a few weeks time. he and his family hope they can count on a future in germany. terry: the german court has upheld a school there and on the muslim students face veil. the court rejected the appeal. they said the students avail prevented her from communicating openly with teachers but she argued wearing it was important for her religious believes. the decision comes a mud -- amid debate on a ban on face covering veils. let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today. turkey says it's armed forces have shelled jihadists linked to the islamic state in northern syria.
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turkish forces also shelled syrian kurdish forces north of manbij. police have detatained an 11-year-old boy wearing a suicide vest in the northehern iraqi city of cookbookk -- cookbook. he was arrested on sunday night shortly after a suicide bomb attack on a shiite mosque in the city. the former french president announced on twitter he will run for the presidency again in next years a legends -- elections. hollande's popularity has plummeted to a major low after unimpressive economic growth figures. in the trial of a german man accused of supporting the self-proclaimed islamic state has begun an frankfurt.
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the 30-year-old is accused of joining a terrorist organization abroad and of committing war crimes. prosecutors say he traveled to syria in 2013 for weapons training before fighting with anais combat group -- an is combat group. david bowie has been remembered in berlin for his work in the city in the two 70's. -- in the 1970's. officials unveiled the plaque marking where go we lived from acting 76 to 1978. his -- david bowie died of liver cancer in january this year. you are watching dw news. still to come, john kerry calls for more you lend troops for south sudan. with recent fighting in the capital, there are fears the
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nation could slide back into civil war. we will have a report. we will be back in just a minute and frannie will be joining us with all the latest business news.
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terry: welcome back. our top story, francois hollande and angela merkel have been meeting on an entire an aircraft carrier after britain's vote to leave the eu to discuss ways to growow jobs and aid african nations. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has met african foreign
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ministers to discuss measures to keep south sudan's tenuous peace deal from derailing. john kerry and the regional states want to increase the number of regional troops in south sedan. with recent fighting in the capital, there are fears the nation could slide back into civil war. >> following talks with eased african foreign ministers, kerry urge the rapid deployment of 4000 additional peacekeepers to south sudan. they would join the contingent of 12,000 troops in the country. >> there is absolutely no question and we all agree, those ministers here today, that we need to move forward with the deployment of his regional protection force authorized by the un security council in order to be part of the u.n. peacekeeping missionon in thatat country. >> recent unrest has raised
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fears that south sudan could slide back into civil war. the president and rebel leaders formed the unity government in ray pro but it unraveled after fighting flared in the q but -- juba -- in the capital, juba. >> what we have been witnessing in south sudan until the moments of this beginning of the implementation has really been tragic and in some cases, reprehensible. waring parties have terrorized noncombatants, especially women and girls. more than 2.5 million people have been forced to leave their homes. >> kerry's next stop is nigeria where he will meet with country leaders to discuss efforts to fight terrorism. terry: business news now and volkswagen is in turmoil again. then he is here to tell us about the latest trouble.
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>> what a gloomy monday. production of some models have forced a halt a vw. the german government is demanding a quick solution because the oil manufacturer is meeting with parties over a dispute. brexit is the largest car factory in the world but on monday, the parking lot was mostly empty. little sign of the 60,000 workers who normally keep the factory running. around 10,000 were told to stay at home. it's a story that was repeated at six of the other facilities in germany. around 28,000 workers will probably be off work until the end of the month. >> cutting employees ours is a challenge for everyone. it hurts both the company and the workers who have to stay
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home even though we have orders for new cars. it is depressing and we will try to limit the cutbacks but we couldn't avoid this step forever. some suppliers were still delivering components to the factory by the two companies responsible or still boycotting vw monday and people here are starting to ask whether the company is too dependent on its suppliers. >> the internet retailer amazon wants to gain more ground in germany over competing delivery services. to that end, at least 100 of the 2000 shell stations in germany will install amazon self-service parcel machines. customers can pick up packages from early in the morning to late at night. amazon has been trying to become less dependent on carrier services like dhl.
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it seemed like amazon is really trying to cover the last mile in germany for customers. how does that information go down there? >> is all about the last mile and if you look here at the united states, what -- amazon cooperates with private car owners to deliver the goods from the distribution centers to the private owners and also in the united states, especially drones , a crucial part of amazon's strategy but that is actually probably still a bit of in the future. fanny: logistics companies like dhl may not be happy about that. what does it mean for them businesswise? >> what you will see is that the
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business amazon is in increases quite a bit. amazon will continue working together with companies like ups, dhl. a growth could be limited to those corporations at least when it comes to business with amazon because amazon tries to offer much more of those last mile deliveries by themselves or if you look at it recently, amazon actually has a license for their own airplanes so not just for the last mile but for a broader delivery. amazon is looking for alternatives so those companies will still cooperate maybe not as much as we have seen in the past. the logistic companies might feel it in the future. fanny: thank you for your analysis.
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in argentina, gas, electricity, transport prices have believed rapidly over the last four months at least for private customers. development as a result of the president's attempts to rein in the country's budget deficit by slashing the massive subsidies that held prices down for so long. >> protests against the president's austerity measures have been escalating for weeks. the resistance is hardly surprising. the price of household gas again exploded by 400%. but for me, the increase would happen with this government or any other but many people cannot pay for this. >> surely an increase in rates is necessary but in an adapted way, a gradual change that is not a brother but prepared. -- not abrupt but prepared. >> in a bitter setback for the
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government, argentina issued an injunction against the price hikes. if it also halts, the government would face more than 200 billion in additional cost. government -- in 2012, spending was about 3% of national income. that they give has been increasing year for year, reaching more than 7% last year. but the subsidy cuts may yet go through. the court also asked the government to justify them in public hearings. so far, the president has one majority votes across party lines. now he has to do more to convince the public of his strategy. fanny: that is your business news update. terry: thank you. people in germany are scratching their heads over new government at rice to stock up with food
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and water in case of an emergency. supermarkets here frequently run out of food and germany isn't about to go to war with anyone. the government says it has not got anything to do with recent terror attacks. so what is it all about? >> the german government has advised its citizens to keep enough food and water at home for 10 days. the new emergency preparedness plan was launched by the german interior minister who has in working out the details foror years. >> are civil protection plan was based on the risk situation during the cold war. that is no longer applicable. >> the german parliament's budget committee asked us to create a new plan. that is what we are doing. >> the interior minister says a new approach is not a reaction to the terror attacks this summer but opposition leaders
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point out the timing of the announcement could cause people to confuse repairing for a civil emergency and responding to the terror threat. >> people -- this advice is completely wrong and will cause panic amongst the people. >> panic buying has become a hot topic on social media. one person who calls himself -- tweeted hamsters would board carrots. most germans react with and comprehension. >> why should i buy enough food for 10 days? are we supposed to be scared of something? i don't get it. >> food d reporting. unbelievevable -- food hoarding. unbelievable. ridiculous. >> i like the idea. if you have enough room in your kitchen, why not stuff it? like the german institute for disaster assistance has long
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advised peoplele to keep stocksf food at home just in case. >> the top story we're following for you here todayay, francois hollande, a tale ends he evidently, and angela merkel have in meeting on an aircraft carrier after britain's vote to leave the eu and discuss ways of promoting growthth and jobs. this is dw news. you will find all of our stories online. i will be back in a couple minutes. think you for watching. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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♪ anchor: it is a medical p.m. in the french capital. against a warning nationalism in a vote to leave the european union. german, french, and it italian leaders meeting for a mini-sum mit. a landmark legal moment at a -- pleadslian extremist guilty to order and destruction in timbuktu. will this stop more destruction in future? rio


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